Meet the Educator

Liam Connor

Liam Connor is an Astrophysicist at Cal Tech University. He led this workshop on the topic of Space. All artwork was made by the youth who attend our programming. We are so thankful for Liam for his time and expertise.

Julia Paliare

We had the lovely Julia Paliare lead a workshop this past weekend at the RIVER FUND on the topic of money. How to earn it, save it, grow it and use it. Julia is a managing partner and investor and invests in incredible companies that are changing the world. We are so thankful to Julia for leading this workshop!

Gabrielle Schwan

Gabrielle Schwan is a New York based creative who specializes in crochet and knit concoctions. She has collaborated with artist, musicians and brands like Nike and Converse with her unique and colorful designs. She led our September workshop, where she focused the workshop on teaching the youth the basics of knitting and how to turn an old garment into something new by using old t-shirts as the yarn. We are thankful to Gabrielle for working with the youth at the River Fund.

Zoe Paliare

Zoe Paliare led a workshop at the River Fund on mindset. Zoe is a corporate litigator turned entrepreneur, executive and leadership coach. Zoe focused this workshop on providing tools to achieve a positive mindset and demonstrating ways to overcome challenges in your day to day life to help you persevere and achieve your goals. We are so thankful to Zoe for traveling in from Toronto to host our October workshop. The kids had an incredible time and learned valuable lessons!

Melissa Villaseñor

Melissa Villaseñor, a Los Angeles based actor, comedian, impressionist and artist led our workshop this July on impressions. The kids had the opportunity to draw their own characters and then do impressions of them afterward. It was such a fun, funny, creative and magical day! Thankful to Melissa for her epic impressions, making the kids laugh and most importantly giving her time and expertise to the youth at the River Fund.

Isabella O'day

Isabella O'day, a trained graphic designer, lead our workshop this past June on logos and branding. The kids were taught the importance and history of branding, and afterwards created their own companies and logos. A creative and inspiring day! We are thankful to Isabella for working with the youth at the RIVER FUND!

Dr. Chanelle Ramsubik

Dr. Chanelle Ramsubick is a child and adolescent psychiatrist living and working in Manhattan New, York. She is a second-generation Trinidadian-Canadian who has spent the majority of her career working in Black and Brown Communities providing mental health care to those who have been underserved. She is the co-chair of the minority affairs committee where she helped to create the monthly series called “Dismantling Racism: Building Anti-Racist Psychiatrists.” Her community involvement is centered around activism work. She is a board member of the “Riders for Black Lives” racial justice group. You may have seen them riding bikes through NY, but behind the scenes, they have been working to create social, economic, and educational equality for the BIPOC Community. She is also an active member of the anti-racism workgroup at Mount Sinai Morningside hospital that is dedicated to understanding structural racism in psychiatry and developing policies to increase health equity in the Black community.


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Our workshops are a safe, non-judgemental,  creative
space for kids to explore and be exposed to new ideas. 
Our goal is to plant the seed within them that anything 
is possible: the world is big, and their potential is endless. Following the workshops, Kids Worldwide places artwork created by the kids on 50% recycled and 50% organic cotton clothing, 
all made in the USA.